1. Seeking Sanctuary (Sharon Abreu) Out of deep pain comes the search for sanctuary, where peace and healing can be found.
  2. Get Together (Chet Powers) A revival of a classic, and what better time than now?
  3. Wild, Wild River (Michael Hurwicz) An ode to the untamed, within and without.
  4. Calling the Salmon Home (Tony Ultimate) Washington State reopened a dam, allowing salmon to return to their spawning place, accompanied by an Indian man playing a flute.
  5. Truth (Karen Brooks) These thoughts continue to help me through challenging times.
  6. Empty Pockets (Michael Hurwicz) The first Taoist love song.
  7. Rainbow Race (Pete Seeger) Pete Seeger wrote this song in 1970. He also wrote a famous song that ends "When will they ever learn?"
  8. One Self (Ananda Mayi Ma, Chloe Goodchild) Ananda Mayi Ma was an Indian saint. After her death, she came to Chloe in dreams, before Chloe had any idea who she was. This is one small part of their collaboration.
  9. Give Yourself to Love (Kate Wolf) Kate may be gone, but her message is timeless.
  10. Let It Begin With Me (James Lee Stanley) I can’t think of a better solution to the blame game and all the challenges we face.
  11. There’ll Come A Day (Bob Killian) This song came to Bob as a complete inspiration. We were so inspired by it that we gave it a full orchestra ala The Beatles!