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A Man of Peace (3.9MB mp3)

For Pete's Sake, Sing! (6.68MB mp3)

"A New Bottom Line" Lyrics

The Left Hand of God (3.68MB mp3)

             Inspired by Michael Lerner's The Left Hand of God

Please Don't Call It Theater When You're Talking About War (4.5MB mp3)      Lyrics

Department of Peace Song (3.5MB)

Be Peace sample (1.5 MB)

Oh, Jesus! (Fast) (2.25MB mp3)     Lyrics

Oh, Jesus! (Faster) (2.16MB mp3)

Katrina (5MB mp3)     Lyrics

Economology (2.5MB)

Change in the Climate (4MB)

Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie MP3 version (1MB)

Fear (4.1MB)

Potlucks for Peace (2.6MB)

Blue and Green MP3 version (3.9 MB)

The Instant Runoff Voting Song ("IRV") MP3 version (3.3MB)

The Instant Runoff Voting Song ("IRV") WAV version (18.4MB)

IRV Lyrics

FairVote-The Center for Voting and Democracy

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